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Blender Test I

By: Scott Hand

Don't take this test while looking at any of the tutorials, or my Novice Course if you want your score to be accurate.

1. What key opens up the toolbar?
[a] Return
[b] Shift-F2
[c] Space
[d] Tab

2. Faces are made up of ____.
[a] Objects
[b] Materials
[c] Vertices
[d] UV

3. What three colors are mixed for the materials?
[a] Red, Green, Yellow
[b] Green, Blue, Orange
[c] Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
[d] Red, Green, Blue

4. To move an object, you press ____.
[a] S
[b] G
[c] Alt-R
[d] M

5. To change to TopView, you press ____.
[a] Ctrl-7
[b] 1
[c] Alt-3
[d] 7

6. ____ switches to EditMode.
[a] Ctrl
[b] Tab
[c] Return
[d] Shift-F6

7. To go forward 10 frames you press ____.
[a] Shift-Right
[b] F10
[c] Up
[d] Right

8. "Shinyness" is controlled by the ____ setting.
[a] Spec
[b] Emit
[c] Ref
[d] Add

9. ____ enables bump mapping.
[a] Col
[b] Cmir
[c] Nor
[d] Spec

10. The Blender IRC Channel is ____, on server ____.
[a] #blenderskool, Efnet
[b] #blender, IRCNet
[c] #blenderqa, DALNet
[d] #blenderchat, Openprojects

11. ____ is site where the Blender Community hangs out.
[a] Blender.Org
[b] Elysiun
[d] BlenderChat.Com

12. ____ turns Perspective View on and off.
[a] 1
[b] 3
[c] 5
[d] None of Above

13. To parent an object to another, you press ____.
[a] P
[b] Alt-P
[c] Ctrl-P
[d] All of Above

14. When about to parent, which object becomes the parent?
[a] Light Pink
[b] Dark Pink
[c] Black
[d] Grey

15. ____ adds a key for keyframe animation.
[a] K
[b] L
[c] I
[d] A

16. To undo changes to a mesh, press ____.
[a] Ctrl-Z
[b] Z
[c] U
[d] Ctrl-U

17. To override default settings, press ____.
[a] O
[b] Ctrl-O
[c] Ctrl-U
[d] Alt-N

18. The ____ editor is used for controlling keyframe info.
[a] Sequence
[b] Keyframe
[c] IPO
[d] AnimWin

19. To translate the view (i.e. to move it), you press ____-Mouse3.
[a] Alt
[b] Shift
[c] Ctrl
[d] Nothing

20. ____ is used to bring up the Bounding Tool
[a] B
[b] G
[c] Alt-G
[d] Ctrl-Alt-G