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Compositions for
Year 2004

Arpeggio Prelude This bizarre composition aims to explore various creative use of large arpeggios. It is extremely difficult.
Chant Rather boring, this was an attempt to get a vocal chant type sound out of the piano. It's extremely simple to play and most beginners shouldn't find too much difficulty here.
The Dance of the Girls With Lillies A light headed waltz-type composition, I wrote this as an assignment for my piano class. It is based off of the piece by Prokofiev from the Romeo & Juliet suite by the same name. I'm afraid I really didn't have time to explore the themes or even add in a decent harmony. It's fairly easy, with very few difficult spots.
Fantasia This Fantasia in F major was originally two differents movements for a suite I entered in a competition. It's extremely playable, even for beginners.
Prelude I think I wrote this piece trying to capture an impressionistic sound. Evidentally I have a way to go, but this is still a decent piece. It is very difficult, with tricky fingering and constant arpeggios.